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Do you feel unsafe in your own home? Does the thought of having to go upstairs scare you or make you nervous?

New Stairlifts take the fear out of using the stairs for the elderly and disabled. Our stair lifts come in straight or curved models, and financing is available. Call NOW!

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When it comes to enjoying your independence and the freedom to move around your home with ease, then getting a stair lift in Mount Summit, is a “must have” upgrade for your home.

Investing in a good quality stairlift installation is absolutely essential if you want to regain your independence within your own home, or simply to retain your independence if you are facing a decrease in your mobility due to age, illness or injury.

StairLift Installation - avoid dangerous stairs!
Stairs can be dangerous at any age

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Home StairLift Installation & Maintenance in Mount Summit

Both new and used stair lifts in Indiana can be a costly investment, which is why it is essential to make an effort to keep them in excellent condition. There are thankfully many things that you can do to ensure that your equipment lasts for as long as possible and that you can get many long years of use out of it.

First of all, it is worth bearing in mind that the best chance of your stair lift working for a long time without any problems involves investing in a good quality device in the first place. If you have not bought your stairlift yet – and whether you are planning on buying new or used stair lifts – take your time to find out what makes a good in home stair lift, and then choose your equipment carefully.

Buying a great device to begin with will set you up well, but maintenance is also a key factor in keeping this essential mobility equipment in full working order for a long period of time. For this reason, there are many top stair lift companies that offer maintenance contracts for extended periods of time so that customers can obtain servicing and help when they need it.

This type of maintenance contract will often include regular servicing, as well as emergency call out services in Mount Summit, Indiana, in the case of a major malfunction or breakdown. These services combined will not only help clients out in an emergency but will also ensure that all new and used stairlifts remain in top condition for as long as possible.

There are also several things that the owners of stair lift in Mount Summit can do on a regular basis to ensure that their equipment works well over a long period of time . One of these involves the regular cleaning of the equipment, particularly the stairlift track which can become clogged with dust and dirt.

It is sufficient to simply wipe down the equipment with a soft cloth on a regular basis to remove any dust or grime that can stop the equipment working as well as it should. In some cases, an anti-dust product can be used to stop dirt sticking to the equipment, although you should check first with the manufacturer to see if your product is safe to use on the device.

Also, is strongly recommended you make sure that the track is lubricated well, and that the lift moves up and down the stairs efficiently and safely. Over time, lubrication can dry out, and this can cause the lift to become stiff and its movements not so smooth. Your Indiana manufacturer will be able to recommend a safe product to use and advise you on how much to apply.

Generally, you should clean your stair lift about once per week and apply lubrication after cleaning. If you are wiping dust and dirt off the stairlift track, you will also be removing some of the lubrication, so make sure you reapplied it every time.

Stair Lift Cost in Mount Summit, IN 47361

Worried about the stair lift cost? You don’t need to. We go to great lengths to make sure our customers have several financing options to choose from if they pay out of pocket.

It is attached to the stairs and it uses a rail to move up and down. It was invented as early as the 1920’s. A man named CC Crispen who was a Pennsylvania inventor, invented a thing which was almost like a stair lift. He named the model as Inclin-ator.

You can visit any shop or a website and quickly see the cost varies greatly. This is mostly reflected in the quality of the product being sold. A quick way to gauge that is to look at the standard warranty and see what’s included. You will find that the average stair lift cost less than $2000 and some of the higher quality stair lift models cost as much as $15,000 in Indiana.

The stair lift price will vary depending on what features you want. If you want one that is top-of-the-line, and a great model with lots of features, then you are obviously prepared to pay a good price for that.

If you have a straight staircase in your home then you won’t need to worry much about the cost as those are by far the easiest to install. But if you need a curved stair lift then there is a steady increase in the cost depending on how many steps you have. Winding staircases require the most expensive stair lift.

Prevention is always better than cure. The hospital bills from a single fall down the steps will cost you more than what your stair lift cost would have been.

A stair lift will restore your Mount Summit peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about the safety of the disabled person you love while he or she is going up and down stairs every day.

Other Home Stair Lift Considerations in 47361

In a seemingly endless sea of manufacturers and products in Indiana, it can be a daunting process to sift through them all, hoping to find the stair lift that’s right for you. However, with a few helpful hints and tips and some research, the process should become clearer and a product ideal for your needs will be found and your quality of life will be improved.

As this will be a vitally important tool used to maintain independence, it is important to give full consideration to finding the perfect fit. Below is a list of considerations to help you find the one for you. Please note however, that this list is not exhaustive and each individual will have their own specific needs.

Types of Stairway Lifts

What type of stairway lifts is this for in Mount Summit?- Usually manufacturers will separate their products into straight stairlifts and curved stair lifts. Obviously, which one you will be opting for will depend on your staircase. Bear in mind, that due to the added complexities of the curved construction, the price will inevitably be higher.

Weight or size requirements in Indiana- The industry standard maximum weight tends to be 19 Stone (120 Kg). Exceeding maximum loads is not recommended and can risk damage to equipment and more importantly, jeopardize the safety of the individual using the product. If you require something with a higher maximum load than this, then it is important to say so when speaking to the sales agent. Likewise when considering a larger or higher seat requirement.

What type of seat would be best suited?- Stairway lifts come in many different varieties in order to offer products that meet all conceivable needs. For example, if you have knee or hip problems and find bending a problem, a perch seat may be better suited to your needs. You could also consider if having a swivel seat would be beneficial. This type of seat will rotate on its axis to help with an easy and safe mount/dismount after traversing the staircase.

Power supplies- Most manufacturers now use a 12V DC battery operated stair lift which charges from the 240V mains supply when at rest. The major benefit of using a battery operated stair lift is during a power cut. Because the battery supply is independent of the mains supply, the stairlift will continue to operate and will not leave its passenger dangerously stranded midway up the staircase.

Proximity Sensors- This is often an optional extra and if selected, acts as an extra safety feature. If there are any obstructions to the stair lift during operation, such as children’s toys or a sleeping cat, then a default action will occur such as an audible alarm or coming to a halt (model dependent).

Of course there are many more options available than discussed here. It is important to keep researching and produce a list of requirements which can then be provided to a sales agent in order to find the product which is best suits your needs.

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